Metro: Jihomoravský kraj | Район: Hodonín | Город: Hodonín | Место: Hodonín

Hotel Panon

Koupelní номер дома 4, 69522 Hodonín 0.75 км от центра Hodonín
Емкость 216 спальных мест
Размещение от 240 Kč
Obecný "
Boarding:breakfast/half board/full board.
Sanitary facility:own in the room.
Description of the lodgings: The hotel belong to the category H***. It has dominant position in this region. It lies on the boarder with Slovakia, near by the border with Austria. The hotel is suitable for short and long-term staying as well, which are concentrated for sport, and for groups with possibility of wine-cellars in Hodonín visiting.
Apartment SAUNA: big LCD TV, a radio, CD, DVD, a home cinema, a phone, a min bar, a video, a whirling bath, WC, a sauna .
Apartment LUX: big LCD display, CD, DVD, a home cinema, a phone, a min bar, a video, a whirling bath, WC.
Apartments are equipped with WC, a phone, a min bar, a video.
1-3 bed rooms H**** are equipped with WC, a phone.
2-3 bed rooms H***: are equipped with a bath room, a phone.
Double bedrooms H**: are equipped with a bathroom, WC, a phone.
Three bedroom H**: two three bedroom with a shared sanitary facility and a shower.
Restaurant: breakfast, lunch, supper, for 50 people.
Terrace: a nice sitting in summer months. There are served specialties on grill – for 65 people.
Meeting room:is used for schoolings, seminars, celebrations – for 64 people (for 75 people with different position of tables).
Gastronomic actions: grill, venison, wine cellars, family celebrations, weddings, etc.
Next services: nonstop information on the phone number.: 518 341 243, washing and ironing, paying by cards, a snack bar, an exchange office, massages, swimming pools, tennis, squash, golf, etc.
Parking: in closed covered garages, a car park for buses.
  pokoj/ noc
Apartmá 2.350 Kč
Apartmá LUX 2.950 Kč
Jednolůžkový pokoj H*** 750 Kč
Dvoulůžkový pokoj H*** 880 Kč
Třílůžkový pokoj H*** 1.200 Kč
Jednolůžkový pokoj H*** 1.050 Kč
Dvoulůžkový pokoj H*** 1.250 Kč
Sleva by a phone agreement
Lůžka 1 – 3 bedrooms, apartments
Обновлено дня: 30.05.2016
Hotel Panon
GPS: 48.8442939,17.1268269
Адрес: Koupelní номер дома 4, 69522 Hodonín
Телефон: +420 518 341 243
Факс: +420 518 341 248

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